Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fallen and Moving To Kindle

Fallen Final Review

This was the first book I got for free on RandomBuzzers. And I have to say, I'm super happy I chose it. It was a really good book, albeit a little cliff-hanger-y at the end.

BookFallen (Fallen Book One)
Author: Lauren Kate
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: 2012
Pages: 452
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Why I'm Reading It: I got it for free from I got to choose it, and it sounded interesting and had a gorgeous cover, with a girl in a forest scene, and a sweeping black dress, weeping into her hands.
Summary: Lucinda Price has been sent to a reformatory, Sword & Cross, after a mysterious fire breaks out at her former school, which she is blamed for. She is surrounded by mysterious "Shadows" that appear a few times a day. At this new school, she meets plenty of interesting characters, including the humorous Cam and dark Daniel. While she tries to figure out who exactly these two boys are, they both battle for her heart.
Rating (Scaled 1-10): 9.5
Review: So, I'm not normally a fan of paranormal romance. I loathed Twilight. It was too overblown. But Fallen draws not from medieval mythology, but from the bible. (SPOILER ALERT) The love interests and host of interesting classmates are all Fallen Angels, battling over the world. 
The mythology is a little hard to understand and jumbled together, but it still was an intense read that managed to keep me up until 3:22 so I could finish the book. The characters are very well rounded, and you learn to understand their motives and what's going on in their minds. Cam gives me the shivers- he's so nice, but then he's just a little creepy.
Daniel was Über cool. He's a super dark character, who also manages to be super friendly. 
The hook is that this is Lucinda's, Luce's, last life to live. She normally reincarnates, but thanks to an epic twist at the end, she is unable to be reborn should she die. And this makes Daniel even more dead-set on protecting his soul mate.
I don't want to give up the ending (as usual), so I'll cut it off here. But its a great read, and I'm going to be blogging the other books in the series once I get a hold of them. 
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The Book Of Deacon
Next I'm going to be moving on to a book on Kindle, the Book of Deacon. Some very exciting things for you, my readers: The book (the first of a trilogy) is free!! I'm already halfway done, so I heavily suggest reading it, or picking it up (link below). 
It follows Myranda, a wanderer, as she travels through a world at war, as she discovers herself and a way to end this war that is destroying her beloved homeland. 
So, give it a try, I'll post once I finish it!
Happy Reading!
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gathering Storm Final Review and Fallen

Gathering Storm Final Review

Since I'm new to this whole blogging thing, it was very easy to forget I even had one! Well, a few days after I posted about Gathering Storm, I finally was able to finish the book. So, here's my critique.

Book: The Gathering Storm (Katerina Trilogy One)
Author: Robin Bridges
Genre: Paranormal Historical Fiction
Published: 2012
Pages: 400
Genre: Paranormal Historical Fiction
Why I'm Reading It: Suggested to me by the Buzzers on It looked good, and had a suggestion by one of my favorite booksellers at the local store. 
Summary: A Russian noble girl attends a finishing school, where she hides a deadly secret: She can raise the dead. As she attempts to hide it from the rest of the court and tries not to be manipulated by the princesses of another land, she also encounters others with magical powers and explores the world of the Russian court.
Rating (Scaled 1-10): 8
Review: Well, the lots-of-people-have-magic thing kind of threw me off. I didn't like that as much. Even though magic should fight magic, it didn't really suit my tastes to have the Russian Court I loved learning about thrown totally and utterly away. Once I got past that, this was a wonderful tale. 
Let me start with the writing. The style is very intricate, without describing every single nook and cranny of the setting. I really liked that. I got a feel of what the life was like in the Russian court during the Industrial Revolution period. The story is filled with sweeping balls, wonder and enchantment. Definitely a good piece to any novel. 
Katerina really has a close relationship with her family, which drives her actions in the story. From her cousin and roommate at the institute, to her mother, father and sibling, she is a very caring person who will do anything to protect them from knowing about her 'curse.'
All in all this was an amazing book, but I really would have liked to know a little bit more about the backstory. Where the magic comes from, how the rulers of the two fae courts came to be rulers, how the fae courts came to be, etc. 
I definitely like the Russian prince George the best. He is by far the coolest of the love interests. I don't want to spoil too much, so I'll make this short and sweet and finish here! 

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So the next book I will be reading is Fallen, by Lauren Kate. Its in the paranormal type genre again- I promise the next book won't be! After I got my first round of buzz bucks from the RandomBuzzers site, this book really caught by attention, and so I ordered it. It has a gorgeous cover- almost pitch black except for the light illuminating a girl with her hands in her face. Its stunning. 
I'm really hoping it turns out to be as good of a read as The Gathering Storm. Both seem to look gorgeous on the front, and have the paranormal thing going on. I'm not normally a paranormal fan, but these are really growing on me! :) 
In other news, I've been requested to share this with all of you:
I have a huge stack of books that I'd like to read and write about right now, so I'm going to wait before I go and get exposed. If anyone checks it out, comment about it so I can get the scoop.
Well, I have some homework to go do if I'm going to start Fallen tonight. 
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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Introduction and Gathering Storm


Hi there! My name is Moni, and I'm an avid reader and aspiring writer. I someday want to be published. Since I read so much, I recently got a Random Buzzers account- you can find the website here:

It's a website that'll be really useful to help me find books. The Random Buzzers site will also allow me to help other readers find interesting reads. This will be accomplished by submitting reviews of books. The review part of the site is the purpose of this blog. I read enough, so this blog will be an easy undertaking, as well as the reviewing part online.

The Gathering Storm

This is the first book I'll be checking out:

I picked up the Gathering Storm, by Robin Bridges, this afternoon, and am settling down to read it. It looks like an interesting historical fiction book, so I'm going to go drink my hot mocha and snuggle up to read The Gathering Storm.

Wish Me Luck And Happy Reading!

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