Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Introduction and Gathering Storm


Hi there! My name is Moni, and I'm an avid reader and aspiring writer. I someday want to be published. Since I read so much, I recently got a Random Buzzers account- you can find the website here:


It's a website that'll be really useful to help me find books. The Random Buzzers site will also allow me to help other readers find interesting reads. This will be accomplished by submitting reviews of books. The review part of the site is the purpose of this blog. I read enough, so this blog will be an easy undertaking, as well as the reviewing part online.

The Gathering Storm

This is the first book I'll be checking out:


I picked up the Gathering Storm, by Robin Bridges, this afternoon, and am settling down to read it. It looks like an interesting historical fiction book, so I'm going to go drink my hot mocha and snuggle up to read The Gathering Storm.

Wish Me Luck And Happy Reading!


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